rdd- robodynamic diffusion

The RDD system utilizes a custom built uni-directional speaker that produces a tightly focused beam of sound, like a sonic spotlight, which can be robotically aimed in any direction from any single position within the performance space. This robotic speaker is in effect a mobile soloist, however the resulting experience upends expectations: cast into the […]

encourage the stream – kunsthalle baden-baden

Encourage The Stream (2021) by Jan St. Werner, half of the electronic music group Mouse on Mars, functions as an acoustic amplification of the Oos River, which flows through the park as the heart of Baden-Baden and shapes its nature. In an attempt to communicate with the Oos, Werner places a microphone just above the […]

Imperium Droop – Thrill Jockey

Thrill-549 – 2021 The duo of John Colpitts aka Kid Millions and Jan St. Werner brings together the minds of two mavericks committed to exploring new avenues of musical expression. Kid Millions is one of the most sought after drummers and improvisors in NYC, known for his expansive solo work as Man Forever, as well […]

Alchemical – bitforms gallery

bitforms gallery is pleased to introduce ​Alchemical​, a collaborative exhibition by Casey Reas and Jan St. Werner. ​Alchemical presents the artists’ suite of videos alongside a selection of prints by Casey Reas. The online component of this exhibition is presented in collaboration with New Art City. Untitled Film Stills are a series of prints that […]

compressed cinema – reas & werner

Compressed Cinema is the series title for five new audiovisual works completing in 2020. The video images were created by Casey REAS, and each work has a stereo audio track composed by Jan St. Werner. The images for the videos were derived from a set of “film stills” created by Casey REAS with generative adversarial […]

Molocular Meditation – Editions Mego

Molocular Meditation, LP, 2020 Molocular Meditation is a bespoke light and sound environment featuring the voice of the Fall’s Mark E Smith. Smith is heard making observations on mundane objects, events and a range of meditation techniques basically associating his discontent with an apolitical british upper class. His voice forms the narrative component of an […]

The Spatio Sensory Soundcheck – HKW

Sound becomes a spatial experience, band structures are deconstructed, a brand new sound technology celebrates its premiere in art: Last year, Jan St. Werner, part of the duo Mouse on Mars, listened to a festival sound check by the US indie rock band The National. Echoes, voices and acoustic artifacts overlapped, songs were begun and […]

Glottal Wolpertinger – fiepblatter catalogue #6

Glottal Wolpertinger was initially conceived as a radio installation for documenta 14, with each of the tracks broadcasting individually over the course of ten weeks and culminating in a convergence of all eight tracks at a performance in Athens. The pieces consist of microtonally tuned feedback, multispectral drones which Werner modulated and filtered with a […]

central spark in the dark – WDR

Für Schlagzeug und Elektronik – Kompositionsauftrag des WDR – UA Dirk Rothbrust – Schlagzeug Jan St. Werner – Elektronik & Komposition Samstag, 23.02.2019 WDR Funkhaus Köln & WDR3 Radio https://www1.wdr.de/radio/wdr3/veranstaltungen/musik-der-zeit-346.html »central spark in the dark« erkundet und dynamisiert die Beziehungen zwischen Elektronik und Akustik, zwischen Klang aus den Lautsprechern und Perkussionsinstrumenten, zwischen den Reflexionen im Raum […]

Periodic Composite Waveform Environment – Ultima Festival

Ensemble neoN & Jan St. Werner feat. Dynamische Akustische Forschung – Periodic Composite Waveform Environment (WP) Henie Onstad Kunstsenter15 & 16 September 2018 https://ultima.no/en/events/ensemble-neon-and-jan-st-werner-wp Experimental electronic composer Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars, Lithops, Microstoria) and Ensemble neoN collaborate on an unconventional performance format that includes new compositions, improvisation, spatial arrangements and interventions from Werner’s class […]

dissolve music – MIT

Dissolve Music @ MIT is a two-and-a-half-day conference and sound festival, March 7-9, 2018, to bring together musicians, sound creators, and scholars of music and sound studies to discuss the diversity of music and experimental sound. Combining art and scholarship in a spirit of dialogue and controversy, the conference aims to dissolve boundaries between different […]

Spectric Acid – fiepblatter catalogue #5

Spectric Acid, CD, 2017 Jan St. Werner summons flux and fragmentation on Spectric Acid, building up the record’s blistering, locomotive beat structures around the correlation of musical spectra. Their movements triggered in part by peaks in frequency envelopes, rhythms buckle and fracture according to a complex logic that slides past aural perception and harmonic resolution; a “phenomenological […]

Dynamische Akustische Forschung – Akademie der bildenden Künste nürnberg

Project based class led by Jan St. Werner at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg Germany. DAF explores sound as an unstable art form which merges with other disciplines and yet makes strong claims for disciplinary autonomy. A critical awareness is developed of how sound as a field for artistic exploration is performed, produced, and distributed. https://daf.adbk-nuernberg.de/ The class explores contemporary and historical […]

Glottal Wolpertinger – documenta 14

Glottal Wolpertinger (multi-fragmented composition, commission for documenta 14, 2017) Jan St. Werner, composition, computer Aaron Dessner, guitar Bryce Dessner, prerecorded guitar Glottal Wolpertinger deconstructs the principle of the musical drone, the timelessly dense, continuously spreading mass of sound, and uses idiosyncratic spatial movements to break with the linear narrative of music. Eight microtonally tuned feedback […]


Collages, sound pieces and videos by Jan St. Werner. ACID DECEIT kassette was released on Mouse on Mars & Frank Dommert’s Sonig label in an edition of 100 on the occasion of A-Musik‘s 20th anniversary, Oct 3rd 2015. Tape Digital An archive of Noisemashinetapes cutup experiments is hosted by Chickenhed. Noisemashinetapes “Live at Farbvision” CD can be ordered […]

Live DVD – n.b.k.

Documentation of the concert by Jan St. Werner at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein on January 29, 2017 Jan St. Werner is an artist and musician. He became internationally known in 1993 as the co-founder of the innovative and groundbreaking electro-duo Mouse on Mars, who until today have released more than a dozen albums and gave concerts […]

Felder – fiepblatter catalogue #4

Felder, CD, 2016 “Felder” means “fields” in German, and here the word refers to conceptual frameworks and subjects, and sound fields. Werner is a cultivator — a farmer — of the various sounds, from metal scratched on a big glass window to piano phrases found on a private Popul Vuh compilation. He mixes organic sounds […]

Kinetic Speakers and Experimental Sound Creations – MIT

    The MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT) is an academic program and hub of critical art practice and discourse. Through an integrated approach to pedagogy, hosting, public event programming, and publication, ACT builds a community of artist-thinkers around the exploration of art’s complex conjunctions with culture and technology. The program’s mission is […]

MISCONTINUUM album – fiepblatter catalogue #3

Electroacoustic opera featuring Kathy Alberici, Taigen Kawabe, Markus Popp & Dylan Carlson, 2015 The central concept of Miscontinuum Album explores misconceptions of time and memory, inspired by unique acoustic phenomena derived through digital phasing and musical time stretching techniques. There is an aura of doom that pervades the work. Much of the album’s evocative nature […]

Rotationsstudien, Sequenzen 20-5 – CTM

Created by Jan St. Werner and Karl Kliem, this series of audio-visual compositions of constantly and subtly shifting antidromic sounds and images experiments visually and acoustically with Gestalt principles from the field of cognitive psychology, and triggers sensory irritation in the recipient. Composed of 60 frames per second, the visual component of the “Rotationsstudien” uses […]

MOLOCULAR MEDITATION – Cornerhouse Manchester

Experimental listening enviroment & surround sound composition by Jan St. Werner featuring Mark E Smith for Cornerhouse, Manchester Musician Jan St. Werner has created Molocular Meditation, a bespoke light and sound enviroment with a soundtrack featuring the voice of the Fall’s Mark E Smith. Smith is heard making observations on mundane objects, events and a range of […]


Klanginstallation von Jan St. Werner, 2014 “Klänge, die in den Räumen der Neuen Nationalgalerie Berlin aufgenommen und mit elektronischen Elementen versetzt wurden, dienen als Material für diese elektro-akustische Komposition. Sprache und Bewegung verbinden sich auf einer abstrakten Ebene, die Möglichkeiten konkreter und absurder Aktivitäten in einem sozialen Raum thematisiert. Die Komposition mischt sich zurück in […]


“The piece is 36 minutes in length and draws into itself a diverse range of sounds that Jan St. Werner has recorded during his stay in Marfa along with elements recorded elsewhere but which reasserted themselves in this place. The piece manages to be site specific, but without being orthodoxly so. The train is a […]

SPLIT ANIMAL SCULPTURE 10″ – infinite greyscale

As the title Split Animal Sculpture suggests, this piece manages to sound simultaneously biotic and fabricated. An impressionistic rendering of church bells and organ drone is suggestive of a large man-made structure, while in-between can be heard the flutters and whistles of something animated navigating it’s way through the reverberating buzz. This circling and spatial […]

BLACK MANUAL – Brigade Commerz

BLACK MANUAL – Brigade Commerz, CD, 2013 On “Mordendo” the dynamics of speaker compositions intertwine with concrete Afro-Brazilian sound patterns, with special “toques”, drum beat sequences also found in Samba and Candomblé… Sounds rear up, diffuse, and rhythms dissolve into tones thereby creating a “total music”. “Black Manual” was formed in 2012 after Jan St. […]

DAS ASYMMETRISCHE STUDIO 1-4 – Kunstverein München / Bayerischer Rundfunk

Series of performances, concerts, lectures and talks curated by Jan St. Werner at Kunstverein Munich in collaboration with Bayerischer Rundfunk “Hoerspiel & Medienkunst” DAS ASYMMETRISCHE STUDIO 1 Black Manual concert stream DAS ASYMMETRISCHE STUDIO 1 Black Manual concert video DAS ASYMMETRISCHE STUDIO 2 Helmut Lachenmann / Jan St. Werner DJ session & talk DAS ASYMMETRISCHE […]


Wichtel & die Wuchteln: “falscher Auerhahn” 12″ picture disc, no label Ingrid Wiener, Oswald Wiener, Rosa Barba, Klaus Sander & Jan St. Werner. Edit of a live performance at Villa Romana, Florence, 2011. Curated by Angelika Stepken. “Sound & noise collages played live with additional singing, percussion and subtle instrumentation. Somewhere between early Franco Battiato, […]

ENTLANG DER ZEITACHSE – WDR Studio Akustische Kunst

Radio composition for WDR Studio Akustische Kunst. “36 Sekunden dauerte der Satz, in dem Karlheinz Stockhausen während eines Vortrags in den frühen 1970er-Jahren die heute gängige kompositorische Praxis des Time Stretchings voraussah: „Wenn wir einen beliebigen Klang nehmen und ihn ausbreiten, also entlang der Zeitachse ausdehnen, bis zu einer Dauer von 20 Minuten, einen Klang, […]

GLASAUGE – ifrex

exhibition A P R I L 2 6 — M A Y 6 Wednesday – Sunday, 5 – 9 pm Virchowstraße 6 10249 Berlin WORKS BY AEAEAEAE, Rune Bosse, Julius von Bismarck, Julian Charrière, Merlin Carter, Andreas Dzialocha, Leon Eixenberger, Olafur Eliasson and TR, Eric Ellingsen, Tomas Espinosa, Maresa Fiege, Fabian Gisler, Andreas Greiner, Felix Meyer, Rodrigo Maltez Novaes, Markus Hoffmann, Jeremias […]


“The sources for “Formationen” are early solo recordings produced with synthesizers and tapes in 1992 and 1993, during Werner’s collaborations with F.X.Randomiz and his first experiments with Andi Toma that should be released later under the alias Mouse on Mars. Werner found those early tapes a while ago, re-mastered and carefully re-worked them, and the […]

FETZEN 1-20 & METEORONOMIE – Klangwerkstatt Berlin

Klangwerkstatt is premiering two compositions by Jan St. Werner. “Fetzen 1-20” for electronics and solo cello played and co-composed by Michael Rauter and “Meteoronomie” for metronome and electronics. Klangwerkstatt Nov 7th, 2010 Künstlerhaus Bethanien – Studio 1 Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg U1, U8, Bus 140 Kottbusser Tor Tickets: +49 30 902 981 439


Jan St Werner, one half of German electronic duo Mouse on Mars, creates a new composition for the ICA that uses the structure and daily sounds of the building. Arranging drones from harmoniums with soundpockets produced by ICA staff, the work exists throughout the ICA for one day. “Three players and three harmoniums are located […]


A spacial sound composition for church bells, church organ, brass orchestra, bicycle sound systems, vibraphones, recorders, street noises and electronics. Piazza Della Repubblica, Foligno, Italy, June 27th, 2009, 9.00 – 19.00 “the compostion started at 9 in the morning with the two piazza cafes playing especially prepared cd’s. one was a 60 minute slow piece […]

Fahren 1

Score for an undefined number of cars on a highway to be performed until all actions are exercised. By Volker Hormann, Michael Rauter & Jan St. Werner. On the occasion of “Nordkurve”, Künstlerische Arbeiten am Ort der ehemaligen Autorennstrecke AVUS und heutigen Autobahn A115 Berlin kunstraum avus


Spatial composition for church bells, church organ, brass orchestra, bicycle sound system, vibraphone, recorders, street noises and electronics.Piazza Della Repubblica, Foligno, Italy, June 27th, 2009, 9.00 – 19.00


Noise Room An artificial listening site created by Jan St Werner Friday 29 August to Sunday 28 September 2008 CUBITT Gallery and Studios 8 Angel Mews London N1 9HH T +44 (0)20 7278 8226 F +44 (0)20 7278 2544 Open: Wednesday-Sunday 12-6pm cubittartists.org.uk/


sonig is an independent music label for experimental, electronic and non genre specific music. the artist roster is international and features bands, solo artists and art related music projects. sonig is based in cologne and shares offices with a-musik, the specialist shop, distributor and label for all kinds of outsider music. sonig is also running […]


a-musik is a highly recommended record store, label, mail order service and distributor for experimental music a-musikKleiner Griechenmarkt 28-30D-50676 KölnTel.: 0221 – 510 7591 (mailorder)Tel.: 0221 – 169 30 600 (shop, distribution)Fax: 0221 – 510 7592mail(a)a-musik.com Shop-hours: tuesday – saturday 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.every 1st thursday/month until 11 p.m. a-musik blogspot

Travel Controller

a one octave micro keyboard with transpose up/down buttons and 8 rotary controllers. the travel controller uses a junxion board to translate controller data to a junxion software patch which generates midi. it is connected to a powerbook via usb. the travel controller was contrived by jan st werner and built by jorgen brinkmann at […]

VORGEMISCHTE WELT suhrkamp verlag

„Mit Vorgemischte Welt legen Klaus Sander und Jan St. Werner die anregendsten Gedanken zum Thema Musik und deren ästhetische Bedingungen seit Jahren vor. Wer sich auch nur ein wenig über Musik als traditionelles Beruhigungsmedium hinaus für tatsächlich auch soziologische, biologische, ökonomische oder ästhetische Fragen des Kunstschaffens interessiert, darf an diesem Buch nicht vorbeigehen. Pflichtlektüre!“ (Der […]


The NOISEROOM is an autonomous surround sound installation built for pre-recorded musical works and sonic experiments. It is a musical deconstruction of a room-within-a-room as much as it is a sound studio sculpture. Each musical work which is performed in the NOISEROOM has been selected, edited and arranged for a listening situation in which the […]

Marshall Amp Fire – CASCO

sound event @ CASCO Office for Art Design and Theory, Utrecht, Netherlands St Werner adapted electric harmoniums to create a subtle continuous sound that is every now and again disrupted by other noises that were recorded in the space, quietly harmonising and conflicting with the social setting. Casco archive

doku/fiction Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Starting from the idea of producing a remix album of Mouse on Mars in book-form, Jan St.Werner and Andi Toma, in conjunction with the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, asked over 30 artists, musicians, designers and scientists to document their imaginative responses to and associations with Mouse on Mars. They were invited to contribute works for the project […]

Otto Rössler: Descartes’ Traum – supposé

Otto E. Rössler: Descartes’ Traum “Der Chaosforscher Otto E. Rössler (geboren 1940), Professor für Theoretische Chemie und Spezialist für Nichtspezialisiertheit, ist ein hinreißender Erzähler, der seine Hörer mit Begeisterung anzustecken versteht. Der Entdecker des nach ihm benannten Rössler-Attraktors hält die Wissenschaft für eine wichtige Aufgabe und gleichzeitig für ein Spiel, er schätzt Gehirngleichungen und die […]

Rosa Barba

Sound for films and installations Outwardly from Earth’s Center Somnium Definition Landfill Subconcious Society The Empirical Effect Who can tell if I’m inveting? The Long Road Time as Perspective Vertiginous Mapping The Color from out of Space Fosse d’Orchestre Vertigenous Mapping Bending to Earth a.o. “The work of Rosa Barba points towards a future cinema […]

Sound Speaker – STEIM

Comprised of unequal parts concert, exhibition, lecture and theatre play, “sound speaker” presents interdisciplinary performances highlighting the inconsequential and the unpredictable in music. The artists and performers take the stage and use sound itself as the medium to address questions of musical aesthetics, dynamics and logics. SOUND SPEAKER 1: David Michael DiGregorio and Sung Hwan […]

Open Lab 123 “On Being A Band” – DasArts

Musical Reading & Workshop by Jan St Werner October 11th – 23rd 2005 DasArts, Mauritskade 56, 1092 Amsterdam “By learning with others you can get instant feedback from other creative minds (each bringing to the table different experiences and insights) DURING the learning process. This enables a kind of collective experience that can be drawn […]

meshbox – STEIM

The meshbox is a real-time sample-based drum sequencer designed for live performances. It allows the sampling of any soundsource on the fly and is syncable to midi. It’s using a junxion board to send controller data to a junxion software patch which translates the controller events into midi. A mac powerbook running LISA is used […]