DAS ASYMMETRISCHE STUDIO 1-4 – Kunstverein München / Bayerischer Rundfunk

Series of performances, concerts, lectures and talks curated by Jan St. Werner at Kunstverein Munich in collaboration with Bayerischer Rundfunk “Hoerspiel & Medienkunst”

DAS ASYMMETRISCHE STUDIO 1 Black Manual concert stream
DAS ASYMMETRISCHE STUDIO 1 Black Manual concert video
DAS ASYMMETRISCHE STUDIO 2 Helmut Lachenmann / Jan St. Werner DJ session & talk
DAS ASYMMETRISCHE STUDIO 3 Andrey Smirnov: Music out of Noise, Light and Paper
DAS ASYMMETRISCHE STUDIO 4 miscontinuum opera with Kathy Alberici, Taigen Kawabe & Markus Popp


Wichtel & die Wuchteln: “falscher Auerhahn” 12″ picture disc, no label
Ingrid Wiener, Oswald Wiener, Rosa Barba, Klaus Sander & Jan St. Werner. Edit of a live performance at Villa Romana, Florence, 2011. Curated by Angelika Stepken.
“Sound & noise collages played live with additional singing, percussion and subtle instrumentation. Somewhere between early Franco Battiato, Throbbing Gristle, Napolitanian folk music and selten gehoerte Musik.”

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Wichtel & die Wuchteln interview with Ingrid & Oswald Wiener