Jan St Werner, one half of German electronic duo Mouse on Mars, creates a new composition for the ICA that uses the structure and daily sounds of the building. Arranging drones from harmoniums with soundpockets produced by ICA staff, the work exists throughout the ICA for one day.

“Three players and three harmoniums are located in separate areas of the ICA.
The sound of the first player who plays vibraphone is relayed to an amp in the room of the second player. The sound of the second player who plays guitar, and the sound of his amp, are relayed to player 3. Player 3- who is playing guitar, and the sound of his amp, are relayed to a fourth amp located at the entrance of the building.
Every 15 minutes each player chooses one of a given number of note groups. Each player repeats the chosen note group three times. Player 1 starts every quarter of an hour. Player 2 joins in when player 1 is playing his note group for the second time. Player 3 joins in when player 2 is playing her note group for the second time.”

The Mall
London SW1Y 5AH
22 November 2009