The NOISEROOM is an autonomous surround sound installation built for pre-recorded musical works and sonic experiments. It is a musical deconstruction of a room-within-a-room as much as it is a sound studio sculpture. Each musical work which is performed in the NOISEROOM has been selected, edited and arranged for a listening situation in which the listeners can dedicate themselves to a maximum listening experience. The pieces presented in the NOISEROOM refer specifically to the concept of a so-called ‘speaker’ concert in contrast to a so-called ‘live’ concert. Each composition will be played back through a multi-channel 5.1 speaker setup that is configured according to the spatial acoustics of the NOISEROOM. The NOISEROOM is a project of Jan St. Werner, artistic director of STEIM and member of Mouse on Mars.

The NOISEROOM features compositions by:
Lee Ranaldo, Black Dice, Kevin Blechdom, Stereolab, Mouse on Mars, Lithops, Sun ok papi k.o., David Grubbs, Vert, Jason Forrest, Daniel Schorno, Casey Rice, Robert van Heumen, Jeff Carey, Hrvatski